About Me

Why you'd want to hang out with me?

I am responsible for what I do on Internet

If I want to stand out in a crowd, I must be responsible for my own career too. And take action to improve in areas that I’m weak in and also the same area where my current or future employer ready to take risk on me. :)

I’m an engineer by heart, technologist by academia, thinker by mindset — thriving on the intersection of open standards, privacy, security, user interface & design, system administration/developer operations, user experience, and palatable documentation.

When I’m away from my laptop, I like to hang out with family and friends — much more so if it’s raining!

Drop me an email for saying hello, or perhaps for hiring or availability inquiries. Reading through some details on getting in touch with me for hiring, in order to start off smoother amongst ourselves, is recommended.

I support a healthy internet.

I believe web has lost its way. Here are somethings I’m doing to bring more balance, and hopefully, this inspires you to do the same!

Open protocols and decentralization.

I use IRC for instant messaging. Yes, I do use other centralized protocols, but you know what? Baby steps. For microblogging, I use Activity Pub based software — Mastodon. It is an alternative to Twitter.

I am a huge fan of open protocols, I’m available on IRC. If that doesn’t work for you, please feel free to hit me up on Telegram or Keybase instead. I also into public and foss-focused Mastodon.

A safe space to talk.

I own a Telegram Channel community named ibn.io. If you are concern about privacy, I highly encourage you to join there for updates.

As a community, I encourage honest, positive or negative — away from unethical algorithms and advertisements.

Be responsible to all users.

As an engineer, I have tremendous control in things I work on, over what you as a user see. I try to find a balance, where possible.

This is a big reason why instead of certifications frequently, I spend time in learning cloud, privacy and heavy security architecture, I am upskilling myself in product management! Many businesses, in fact, pay a heavy fine on data leaks on in their system when security breach even when they can do without it.

My history

To be honest, I’m having some trouble remembering right now, so why don’t you just schedule my calendar, and it will answer almost all your questions.